Entangled Differences: Studying Religious Multiplicity in Frontier Zones

Convener: Birgit Meyer (UU).



While religion scholars are well equipped to gain insights into particular religious groups and movements, it is more difficult and less common to study the dynamics of such plural configurations from a wider angle and in a relational perspective. This panel will approach the co-existence of various religious groups through the notion of the “frontier zone” (Chidester), understood as a space in which religious and other differences are produced negotiated, ascribed and denied. These differences do not recur to equal entities (as is claimed in normative approaches to religious pluralism), but may better be understood as emerging in the complex entanglements of various religious groups and the ways in which they are made to relate to each other. Presentations in this panel will involve research grounded in the study of the co-existence of Muslims, Christians and secular actors in Ghana and in the Netherlands. It is part of the Religious Matters programme (www.religiousmatters.nl), and its Madina project.


Speakers so far:
  • Martha Frederiks
  • Joseph Fosu-Ankrah
  • Angelantonio Grossi
  • Martin Luther Darko
  • Murtala Ibrahim